Arm Yourselves With Spellcrow’s New Selection Of Sci-Fi Weaponry

March 13, 2018 by dracs

Spellcrow have come out with an arsenal's worth of new scifi weapons, ranging from the common laser pistol to a full on barrage of Gothic rockets.

Terrifying Turrets

Spellcrow have two new weapon options for tanks; a pintle-mounted Laser Cannon and a Gothic Rocket Launcher.

Gothic Rocket Launcher

Gothic Rocket Launcher Closed


Both of these look pretty good, but the Gothic Rocket Launchers steal the show. They add a gothic facade to what is still a destructive weapon.

Go For Your Guns

As well as these larger guns, Spellcrow have released some smaller weapon options for the troops. Here we have the Improved Laser Guns...

Improved Laser Guns

Improved Laser Pistols...

Improved Laser Pistol

Wolf Melting Guns...

Wolves Melting Guns

The Laser Guns and Pistols look like good, practical scifi weapons, while the Wolf Melting Guns certainly looks as though they could melt plenty of wolves, as well as people.

For their final release, Spellcrow show off the handywork of those weapons with some human skulls.

Human Skulls

You can never have enough skulls.

Which of these releases are you most excited to see?

"They add a gothic facade to what is still a destructive weapon..."

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