4Ground Preview More From Their Urbes Mortis Range

July 21, 2019 by brennon

4Ground has been showing off more of the work going into building up their Urbes Mortis 28mm range. Here we have some new terrain which will be hitting their webstore towards the beginning of August.

Urbes Mortis #1 - 4Ground

The new set looks to be focused around the idea of building up some height and also developing something beyond just blasted ruins. These stand pretty tall as you can see by the miniatures used as a comparison and give you a good place to hold out when defending.

Urbes Mortis #2 - 4Ground

The large walkways and tower sections look to be very playable and I'm sure they will be a good place to set up some sniper cover as your soldiers mill around below and take the fight to the enemy.

One of the awesome things about this terrain is that we get to see them working on more of those brilliant stained glass windows that we saw on the ruins. You can see them here behind this Blood Angel Space Marine. I think with a little bit of lighting flickering around inside you'd get such an awesome effect.

Urbes Mortis #3 - 4Ground

This particular picture was the thing that really caught my eye. It reminded me of an old Armageddon battle report in an issue of White Dwarf where Orks were streaming into a warehouse and up in the rafters, Salamander Space Marines were letting loose with fire!

Urbes Mortis #4 - 4Ground

I think this is going to make for an awesome set of terrain to help add some height to your gaming tables and also provide you with some neat tactical options too.

Are these some buildings you'd be interested in? August 2nd should be the release date!

Will you be checking them out?

"Are these some buildings you'd be interested in?"

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