Build Your Dream Cityscapes With Neo Tyrannis’ The Phalanx Consortium

August 30, 2016 by stvitusdancern

Are you looking to plan out the next great Sci-fi futuristic city in 6-10mm? We all know there are a couple of companies out there right now that offer some really nice terrain for the mini-miniature gamer (6-10mm), but it is always nice to see other options become available as well.

The Phalanx Consortium is currently on Kickstarter with their latest project, Neo Tyrannis Cityscapes which is a result of them designing terrain for another Kickstarter Polyversal.

Each of these buildings will had some very unique shapes to your skyline, with irregular shapes to help break up the horizon and create some very cinematic moments. The buildings will be made from resin foam, so they will be very lightweight while still maintaining some very crisp details.

The original project included 5 buildings: Optigami Corporation Tower, Turnista Tower, U.S.N.C. Doctrine Center, U.N.E.P. Headquarters and the Koeing Tower which is a whopping 54 cm tall!

The funding will go to create higher resolution masters to mold from and a further set of buildings the Tech Center will be also available.

Having any or all of these buildings on your game table would be an impressive sight indeed. This Kickstarter is very simple and straightforward and the listed stretch goal at this point is not too unreachable. At the time of this article there is still about three weeks left, so why not jump on over and check it out for yourself.

What do you think of these buildings?

"Having any or all of these buildings on your game table would be an impressive sight indeed..."

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