Drakskull’s Horde Grows with Titan Forge

August 9, 2012 by brennon

The Titan-Forge IndieGoGo campaign for Drakskull's Menace is going pretty well, but they could always do with a little extra push! Maybe this look at some of their more recent creations will add a little more gold to that undead orcs pocket?

Spirit Goblins

Burtz the Ghostcaller

Winged Abominations

These really are some superbly Orc-y miniatures. I love that they have this element of comedy but mixed with horror and brute force. It seems just like a Goblin to come back from the dead and start making a fuss of itself on the battlefield.

The Winged Abominations are probably the most impressive of this haul, some great monstrous warriors descending from the skies.

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