Black Library Tell Tales Of The Anvil Of Fenris

March 4, 2014 by brennon

Black Library are taking their seat in the mead halls of Fenris and telling tales of Arjac Rockfist in a new limited edition novella from Ben Counter. The limited edition copy also comes with a smaller story, Twelve Wolves.

Arjac Rockfist Cover

Arjac Rockfist Ltd Edition

It is quite the smart looking set but I think I'd just be happy with the basic story rather than all the added stuff that comes with it. Saying that, I'm sure hardcore Space Wolf fans might see this as an awesome collectors item.

"Take up your ale, warrior of the Space Wolves, and heed the words of the skjald as he tells the tale of one of our mightiest brothers. Hear of the humble beginnings of the one we know as the Anvil of Fenris, and how he answered the call of destiny when the Kraken invaded Asaheim itself. Hear of his heroic actions in fighting the spawn of the tyranids and saving the Fang from their depredations. Hear the story of Arjac Rockfist, and glory that such a warrior walks among us!"

Arjac Rockfist certainly is one of the coolest models with some epic history behind him and I think it will be ace reading about some of his antics against the Tyranids. Once ordered you'd be picking up your copies later on this month.

Do you want to hear the sagas?

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