Death Comes From Above And Below Out Of Forge World

May 11, 2019 by dracs

Forge World have two new pieces up for pre-order, letting you attack your enemies from some unexpected angles.

Death From Above

First, Forge World are releasing a new Legion Dreadnought Drop Pod to send these mighty champions of the Emperor falling out of the sky.

Drop Pod assaults are already a devastating tactic, allowing you to drop troops behind the enemy lines where they least expect it. Bring a Dreadnought along for the ride and you will be dishing out some serious damage.

Death From Below

Coming at the enemy from under their feet, we find the Mechanicum's Ordinatus Aktaeus.

This model is a massive troop transport that drills through the earth to deliver your army deep into enemy territory.

We previously saw this figure among a series of previews from Forge World. It received a somewhat mixed response, with some (myself included) loving its pulp, almost Verne-ian style, while others made some more unflattering comparisons.

In the end, I think this is a great piece that will serve well as a centrepiece for a force of the Omnissiah's chosen.

Which tactic would you choose to take your enemy by surprise? 

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