New Warhammer Dwarf Irondrakes Sighted

February 11, 2014 by brennon

Games Workshop's Warhammer Dwarf releases certainly haven't finished yet. More leaks have spilled out onto the internet, this time from Warseer, showing off the Irondrakes which are the alternative kit for the new Ironbreakers.


Irondrakes Rules

As you can see they are built from the main body of the Ironbreakers, that's what I assume anyway, and instead get these rather awesome rune inscribed guns that spit fiery death down tunnels to burn through their enemies.

They look rather awesome and should be able to bring down most units. They have a rather good range, high strength AND armour piercing along with the myriad of other rules on offer. That's insane. Also quick to fire makes them quite the good reaction unit too.

A very cool unit to add to the Dwarf line-up. I have recently finished putting together the new Hammerers and I have to say they look a lot better 'in the flesh' than they do in the painted examples from GW.

What do you think?

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