Warlord Gather Together Two 1000 Denarii SPQR Warbands

October 9, 2019 by brennon

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The folks at Warlord Games have brought together some rather large warbands for you to use in SPQR. If you're looking for a hefty degree of Caesarian Romans and Gallic warriors angry at these upstart invaders you're in for a treat.

1000 Denarii Caesars Legion Warband - Warlord Games

The first set of models include twenty-four plastic Infantry, nine resin Cavalry options and then one resin Scorpion crew. This should give you a lot of different options for bringing together a Roman warband, tweaking things to suit whatever your enemy can throw at you. You could certainly use one of the mounted figures or the unmounted legionaries to act as your hero in this set.

Gallic Rage

As well as Caesar's Legions up above the Gauls will have something to say in return.

1000 Denarii Gaul Warband - Warlord Games

This is a pretty impressive set which comes with twenty plastic Infantry, forty resin infantry, seven resin Cavalry figures and then twelve resin Dogs who will be hounding routed Romans through the forests of Europe. You can also get some heroes of legend for this set as they've tagged on Vercingetorix and Lucterius too. I like the addition of the mounted leader holding that head high and a Druid to make sure your Gallic warriors know what they are fighting for!

Make sure to check out both of these sets if you're looking to try SPQR or perhaps another Ancient game that has caught your eye.

What do you think of the two sets?

"What do you think of the two sets?"

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