A Whole Host Of Warzone Resurrection Previews Pop Up!

November 14, 2014 by brennon

Prodos Games have previewed a whole host of new Warzone: Resurrection miniatures that are coming soon for the game. See what you think of these additions to Bauhaus, Imperial, Capitol, Dark Legion and Cybertronic forces!

Bauhaus Character

Capitol Character

Dark Legion Character

First up we have some really cool looking characters for Bauhaus, Capitol and the Dark Legion (in order). Of the lot I am most impressed by the Dark Legion character and it's pushing me onwards to actually buy some more Warzone from his faction. It's hard to pass up some deadly Sci-Fi zombies and demons.

Bauhaus Gun

Cybertronic Walker

Imperial Walker

Bauhaus are also getting a big gun to start bringing down the likes of that Cybertronic Walker and the Imperial one there too which also has a Chaingun 'pillbox' on the top of it which is awesome. I think one of these dinky little walkers would be a better buy for me right now compared to the Hurricane so I'm looking out for this one.

Will you be getting any of these offerings?

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