A Shaggy Were-Bear Heads To The Willy-Miniatures Pitch

October 8, 2013 by brennon

Willy-Miniatures have shown off a new addition to their fantasy football range thanks to Pedro Ramos over on their Facebook page. See what you make of this mighty Were/War Bear that will be gracing the pitch soon...

War Bear - Big Guy

As you can see he is quite the monstrous warrior and while it could be used specifically for Blood Bowl he also has enough difference to him that he could take to the fantasy battlefield as well. He has evolved from this concept art below...

Were-Bear Concept

I think you'll agree that we have another awesome addition to their line-up here and he would work really well in a Norse Blood Bowl Team. I could see him being a stand in for the Snow Troll. Either that or you make a Kislevite Human Team and then swap him out for the standard Ogre model they can hire.

Will be great to see him on the pitch!

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