Planes, Auto-Mobiles & Snipers Grace Bolt Action

October 8, 2013 by brennon

We showed off the awesome looking Pegasus Bridge Set yesterday for Bolt Action but that isn’t all that’s now available from Warlord Games. See what you think of these other bits and pieces that will be making an appearance on your gaming table…

Atlantik Wall

First up we have the Atlantik Wall resin bunkers that have been crafted for defending the beach head and stopping those Allies from storming the beaches and taking over your position. They all have removable tops too allowing you to either leave them off and put in some big artillery pieces or hide your men within ready to ambush.

Daimler Mk 1 Armoured Car

If you manage to make that run up the beach then you might be wanting to travel around with a little bit more protection. That’s where the Daimler MK I Armoured Car comes in. This was a speedy and very agile vehicle that did plenty of scouting for the allies. It also came armed with an anti-tank gun and a machine gun if it got into trouble.

Plastic Horsa Glider Box

Plastic Horsa Glider Unboxed

If you were interested in exactly how the British got to Pegasus Bridge then you might be interested in these Horsa Mk. I/II Gliders that are now available and perfectly fitting for your Bolt Action games. These could carry thirty troops or if they needed too a jeep or heavy gun instead.

It wasn’t all easy going though as they weren’t the safest rides. Then again it was probably preferable than floating in by parachute while the Germans were shooting at you.

The White Death

To Finnish things off (see what I did there?) we have a look at the finalised Armies of Italy and the Axis exclusive miniature, The White Death. He was one deadly sniper that killed many an enemy with his skill and accuracy. He used traditional iron sights and ranked up 505 kills!

That’s quite a lot of Bolt Action goodness for you!