Build a Mythical Lair On Kickstarter

June 20, 2013 by dracs

A new Kickstarter has been set up to create a new range of terrain tiles to help you build the perfect dungeon for you and your friends to explore on your tabletop. Well, I say dungeon, but it is more of a Mythical Lair.

Mythical Lair

We here at Beasts of War stand by the idea that a fully realised dungeon set can really enhance the dungeon crawling experience of games like Dungeons and Dragons and even with the prototypes in these images you can see how cool its inclusion can be.

Mythical Lair Dragon Archway

Mythical Lair Fallen Bridge

Mythical Lair Holding Cell

Let me just say that these are not the most impressive terrain tiles I have seen. However, the selection shown is very extensive. The pieces have a nice atmospheric feel to them and there is a good variety of sections to accommodate any game situation.

Mythical Lair Altar of Sacrifice

Mythical Lair Steeltrap Hallway

Mythical Lair Full Sewer System

I could easily see these sets being used in other non-rpg miniature games. For example, the subterranean  passageways and sewer systems play an important role in lore of Malifaux.

Fancy chipping into this Kickstarter to build your very own dungeon?