DGS Offer A Glimpse Of WIP Winged Ventarx For Their Kickstarter

June 26, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

DGS Games have the talented, Patrick Keith, sculpting away at the creatures for their current Kickstarter, Freeblades: Creatures of Faelon. Today we’ve gotten a peek at the work in progress for the winged creature, Ventarx. He’s a creature of impressive stature, sitting on a 50mm base – so you can imagine how terrifying he’ll look swooping in on your group.

dgs ventarx

Not only can you face a pack of these things coming out of Witchgates in the Demon Infestation Scenario, but Grular players can replace a Marauder with a Ventarx in their Freeband! You can already see how nicely these new additions will fit in among your established Freebands.

What do you think of this fantastic flyer on the way?