Kings of War Zombies Unboxed

September 14, 2010 by warzan

So we have been having a look over the Kings of War Zombies for a few days now and we gotta say they are a really great addition to the Kings of War Undead range. We had high hopes for them after seeing the resin 3-ups and the plastics are great.

Kings of War Zombies

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First off although the sprue is quite small there does seem to be a lot of room for swapping components about and customising the minis to ensure you don’t end up with that old ‘sameiness’ issue. We found the plastics go together very well, and even found really nice touches where the deltoid (shoulder muscles) on the separate arms blended really nicely into the model when glued.

The set will blend nicely with the ghoul sprue (which we cover a bit in the video) to give even more options. The only drawbacks we see is that some of the head options seem a little more Ghoul than Zombie but the inclusion of a head identical to David Ike made up for that and the gates to the base of the zombie legs is a little short meaning a craft knife would be a better option than your clippers.

All in all a good set and you shouldn’t suffer too much fatigue putting 60 of these together ;)

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BoW Warren