Is HeroQuest Returning for its 25th Anniversary?

October 28, 2013 by dracs

The classic game of HeroQuest is one which many gamers look back on fondly. This year marks the game’s 25th anniversary and it looks like it could be making a return with the help of Gamezone Miniatures.

Hero Quest

Now a lot of people are understandably cautious about this. After all, it is hard to believe that Games Workshop would be willing to turn this licence to an other company.

However, it does appear that the Spanish company Gamezone apparently has permission to produce this. Although they will only have the rights to distribute in Spain, they plan to produce the rules in a number of languages and there will be other suppliers who can ship out to other countries.


The game might be realised with the help of crowd funding and promises to be high quality game set. The board will be double sided, while pieces like furniture and tokens will be in 3D resin. There will also be four heroes, two male and two female. All in all just what you need to delve into the classic dungeon delving adventure game once more.

Are any of you HeroQuest fans of old?