The Good Hew Gets Ready for the Battles of Warpath

July 13, 2012 by brennon

This week has been all about Forge Fathers at Mantic Games, and with the release of all their new toys you certainly could do with a new hero to lead them into battle. Check out Chief Brokkr Dunkan “The Good Hew” Trukki

Chief Brokkr Dunkan “The Good Hew” Trukki

This is a lot more dynamic than the previous Huscarl for the Forge Fathers and some of the keen eyed amongst you might have noticed that it’s based off some concept art we saw a few months ago.

Tabletop Insider Cover - The Good Hew

You can read more about the hero of the Forge Fathers on the Warpath section of the Mantic website right HERE.

Also don’t forget that the Warpath 2.0 rules will be out in the newsletter today so get signed up!

What do you make of Hew?