Some Final Characters Are Trying to Join Wrath of Kings

September 13, 2013 by dracs

With only four days left on the Kickstarter Cool Mini or Not are pushing towards $500K stretch goal! Should they achieve these lofty heights each Faction Starter will be getting one of these additional Rank 2 characters.

Goritsi - Lord Hob

Hadross - Gar the Gladiator

Nasier - Arkan Thesh

Teknes - Lineman Boris the Many Bladed

Madam Mui the Jade Lotus

The artwork of these characters shows off some really promising designs, some of which look like they would make the perfect centre piece for your force.

A couple of these already have some WIP sculpts getting shown off.

Hadross - Gar the Gladiator

Nasier - Arkan Thesh

The sculpts are matching the artwork concepts closely and if these don’t make you a little tempted to chip into the Kickstarter I don’t know what will.

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