Swordmasters & Saurians New To The Avatars Of War Range

November 26, 2014 by brennon

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Avatars of War have added some more new heroes to both their Warthrone and Arena Deathmatch range including the Swordmaster of Lusia, Barbarian Lord of the Wargs and Saurian Thrall Mauler...

Swordmaster of Lusia

Barbarian Lord of Wargs

Saurian Thrall Mauler

The Saurian and Swordmaster are amazing looking sculpts and would work really well as player characters in role-playing games, especially the Swordmaster. I don't like the Barbarian Lord however as I think his proportions are all over the place. His arms and legs look totally out of sync with each other and he appears a bit more like a gorilla than a man.

I'd love to see some painted versions of the Saurian Thrall Mauler though as I love people who can paint scales and do proper scaly skin.

Which is your favourite?

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