CMON Unveil Heroes & Villains From Starcadia Quest

August 16, 2018 by brennon

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CMON has begun their previews for Starcadia Quest, their new game coming to Kickstarter 28th August 2018. As usual with their previews, they've been showing off the wonderful artwork and WiP miniature designs for some of the characters from this new world.

Bahbaka - Starcadia

We start with this chap who is my favourite from the previews so far because he's pretty much Bucky O'Hare on steroids. I love his angry little features and those ears are adorable. I'm not sure he'd take kindly to me saying that, but he looks exceptionally awesome to paint!

Continuing with the alien theme we have these interesting miscreants...

Peeks - Starcadia

Scuttlebutts - Starcadia

Octocruels - Starcadia

Each of them looks equally terrifying and cute at the same time. I have said in the past that I don't really gel with the chibi theme in miniatures but Starcadia might just have won me over. I think it's because I have a certain view of how Fantasy should look on the tabletop but Sci-Fi has no such rules for me, so anything goes!

It's not all alien monsters though as there are some humans thrown into the mix like Colonel Blaze McGunner.

Colonel Blaze McGunner - Starcadia

If you wanted a cross between the DOOM Guy and Duke Nukem this appears to be your option. The CMON team really have got some great folks working on these sculpts and what I like the most is that they have matched the artwork almost exactly!

We finish off however with Red here who again takes that chibi look to the next level. I think I might also be somewhat influenced by the fact I've been watching Final Space and that has got me interested in Sci-Fi characters again too.

Red - Starcadia

If you want to know more about the world of Starcadia Quest you can check out two of CMON's recent articles looking at the Story and Heroes in more detail.

Whilst I'm sure a lot of you are bemoaning another CMON Kickstarter, these folks do what they do well indeed and appear to be delivering on all of the projects they set out to fund. It must be working as people keep backing them!

Are you tempted by Starcadia Quest?

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