Soda Pop Miniatures Gives Us A Hint At Their Next Project

November 12, 2015 by stvitusdancern

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Soda Pop Miniatures latest Kickstarter, Super Dungeon Explore: Legends ended today with nearly $1.3 million raised. With all of this excitement and thoughts of mountains of chibi miniature goodness and what adventures lie ahead for all of us stalwart adventurers, there comes a sly little message with an interesting picture.

Space Cowboy

The phrase on the picture "See you next time Space Cowboy" and  the name Rail Raiders with a cowgirl with futuristic pistols is leading a lot of the comments to believe we might be seeing some kind of Sci-fi western game from Soda Pop Miniatures in the near future.

My only request is can they give us some time to let my bank account heal? I guess I should just hand over my bank card to them, it would be easier. I wonder if I can write them off on my taxes as a dependent?

W hat is your theory on what this could be?

"...there comes a sly little message with an interesting picture."

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