Armoured Cars for the Allies and Axis from Warlord Games

April 2, 2012 by brennon

If you're on the battlefields of World War II maybe you need something a little quicker than a tank, but armoured to protect you all the same? How about these Armoured Cars from Warlord Games?

sd kfz 231 6-rad Armoured Car

The first up is the German Armoured Car used in the fighting in France, Poland and Russia. It made its name as a scouting vehicle, never directly engaging the enemy unless it got into a skirmish with other recon forces.

Morris cs9 Armoured CarAnd going up against it is the Morris Armoured Car for the British forces. An all round vehicle that didn't have as much of a life as others when it came up against the superior attacking power of the Axis guns.

Are either of these something you would pick up?

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