Warlord Call In Italian Reinforcements For Bolt Action

July 4, 2013 by brennon

Warlord Games are bringing out a sourcebook soon which explores the forces of the Armies of France and Allies but there are also some Axis forces to consider. Check out the Italians coming to Bolt Action...

Italian Army Squad in Sun Hats

First up we have some Italian Soldiers in, don't laugh, sun hats. When the fighting broke out in North Africa you couldn't have your soldiers falling over from the intense heat so they were a simple way of keeping your men fighting under some relative shade. Also helpful keeping the glare out of your eyes when your fighting.

Autoblinda AB41 Armoured Car

Next we have the Autoblinda AB41 Armoured Car that was, like the squad above, deployed in North Africa and all around Europe too. It was adaptable and had a rather nice gun on top too. It was so useful the German forces used them too.

47mm Elefantino Anti-Tank Gun

And rounding things off here is something for dealing with those pesky bits of armour rumbling around your lines. The Italian Army Elefantino Anti-Tank Gun fired 47mm rounds and much like the Armoured Car was useful in a number of different situations.

The set above comes with exchangeable heads so you could have them wearing sun hats similar to the squad at the top of the story.

The Italians always seem to get a bit of a rough deal in World War II gaming but these look like some seriously good bits of kit.

What do you think?

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