The Gifted Come To Venice In Carnevale

March 8, 2017 by dracs

The Venice of Carnevale is home to many strange individuals, including the strangely powered Gifted, some of whom TTCombat have just unveiled.

First, let's look at the mysterious duo Fate and Justice.



These two are incredibly evocative designs, with Fate being reminiscent of his depiction in the Sandman comics.

Justice though may be  more interesting as she is the most human of the pair, mixing the familiar icon with Venetian style.

On a more human level, we find the Foreign Spy.

Foreign Spy

The presence of the Foreign Spy is intriguing from a narrative perspective. Definitely opens up the game to some cool scenarios.

Which of the Gifted of Carnevale do you think is best?

"Mixing the familiar icons with Venetian style..."

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