Build Your Kensei Battlefield With PlastCraft Games

October 2, 2013 by brennon

Plast Craft Games have been working hard on the new Infinity terrain sets but that hasn't stopped them diving back in time to the world of Samurai and honour too. See what you think of their upcoming terrain sets for Kensei...

Pagoda & Walls


The new sets will be offering you both that massive Pagoda style structure with its different layers and amazingly delicate looking roofs and a series of walls too which will be erected to protect it and your Daimyo.

Open Gate

Inner Walls

This all looks very cool and well worth picking up even if you don't play Kensei. You could have some awesome siege battles around this or just a skirmishing run through the grounds about the Pagoda. Imagine making the board for this too! You could have some impressive gardens created for it to sit in with plenty of cherry blossom trees.

Plastcraft Kensei Terrain Pack

These are going to be available this month (October 2013) and it looks like you'll be able to grab yourself the Pagoda, Gate Section and Wall Section for your tabletop. Let's hope this is all easy to put together when it gets to the tabletop!

The terrain and game for you?

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