Stonehaven Show off the Latest Ale Straight from the Keg

July 17, 2012 by brennon

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When you're looking to explore the world of Dwarves you can't avoid the obvious joys of their race. Mining and drinking fine ale! Check out the latest concepts from Stonehaven Miniatures for their Kickstarter Campaign...

Dwarven Brewmaster

Dwarven Miner

Some great looking concepts with plenty of character. I like the cheeky wink from the Brewmaster as he enjoys what is quite possibly yet another mug of ale. But it's not just the males getting new concepts. Check out the female Dwarf Fighter concept...

Dwarven Fighter

Roughly cut hair, plenty of chunky armour and flail to match. I would imagine her kill tally for the number of dead Orcs is mounting steadily. There is also some progress on the miniature front with another Work-in-Progress for the Cleric...

Dwarven Cleric WIP

So with eight days left of the Kickstarter Campaign and over $50,000 pledged so far I think we will be seeing a LOT from this studio. Good!

What do you think of these updates?

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