Does Your Army Need Titan Forge’s Thaug Ran to Carry Your Icon?

March 23, 2014 by dracs

A banner is an important part of an army, even if that army is made up of evil dwarfs like Titan Forge's Kashan Vra. Hence their latest hero is Thaug Ran, bearer of the army's magical iconic banner.

Thaug Ran Iconkeeper

Thaug Ran Iconkeeper Side

Thaug Ran is as vicious looking as the other Kashan Vra sculpts. Despite the Kickstarter producing two dwarf armies, Titan Forge have succeeded in giving both of them distinct styles and bring their own unique take to evil dwarfs.

The model is defined by its jagged edges, while its wide eyed expression combined with the stylised mask makes it look crazed and even barbarous. Definitely the perfect standard bearer for such a force.

What have been your thoughts of Titan Forge's evil dwarfs?

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