Prepare the Farmland with Fenryll’s Ploughman

June 21, 2012 by brennon

Alas this isn't a nice Ploughmans lunch but a new model from Fenryll Miniatures. You can check out the rather angry looking peasant below...


While he doesn't have much of an in game use he would be great for adding some character to a large landscaped board. If you're looking to make up a diorama then he could make a rather funny individual grumbling along as he ploughs the fields.

I would almost be tempted to perch a rather drunk looking halfling atop the horse laughing as he gets a free ride while the poor human does all the work.

Also, if you order over 60 euros of miniatures from Fenryll you can get this guy for free.

Would you grab the Fenryll Ploughman?

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