Big Tanks & Big Guns Round Off June For Flames Of War

June 30, 2014 by brennon

Flames of War have some more offerings of both the armoured and armour-killing variety to round off the end of June. See what you think of these tanks and field guns that will be smashing apart the battlefield...

M4A3E8 Easy Eight

T-26 obr 1932

First up we have the tanks with the M4A3E8 Easy Eight which has also been uparmoured for the battlefield. This was considered to be one of the top tanks of the war and was kitted out for dealing with the anti-tank capabilities of the Germans. Not only was it more armoured but it also had dedicated infantry escorts to keep ambushers at bay.

Below that we have the T-26 obr 1932 which was an adapted version of the Vickers used by the Russians. The armour on the turrets was lacking but the tank itself was used to support infantry on the battlefield so hopefully it wouldn't end up going against another tank.

107mm obr 1910-30 Gun

152mm obr 1931 Gun-Howitzer

Next up we have some guns that probably wouldn't be facing off against armour as much as hitting emplacements and infantry on the battlefield. The first of these is the 107mm obr 1910-30 Gun and the second is a 152mm obr 1931 Gun-Howitzer which will be making craters all over the place.

Will you be picking up these for Flames of War?

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