Get Involved In The Final Phase Of Infinity’s Strikezone: Wotan!

July 14, 2017 by crew

The Third & Final Phase is underway for Strikezone: Wotan, a massive Infinity campaign.


Register Here

It's not too late for you to make your mark on this campaign and get your battles in!

The Final Phase Begins

You can find out more about Phase Three HERE but here's a taster of the fluff for you to get stuck into...

"With Don Peyote taken by ALEPH, with the Consulate office deck of the Baijing orbital station under Haqqislam control, with the Indra 3 Echo Commodule secured by Ariadnan Forces and Tohaa troops taking over Shanqiang light frigate… a new vision of the blockade unveils before our eyes.


The Raxora Assault Carrier arrives at the Wotan operations theatre, right at the weakest most uncoordinated momentum of all human defences, the intimidating presence of the biggest Combined Army ship in the area freezes the Human Sphere for an eternal moment. Humanity is vulnerable, their systems have been compromised, security is at its lowest and the aliens know this.

An instant thought comes to the minds of those who can see beyond the tiny meaningless acts of aggression: All this may have been part of their plan. All this envy, all this greed, senseless pride, all these human behaviour was orchestrated by them."

Updates on the rest of the campaign can be viewed by checking out more News From The Front over on the Strikezone: Wotan website.

Battles Tell A Story

One of the best things about the campaign is seeing everyone's Battle Reports coming to life, telling a story of the unfolding campaign like to of the latest from Manfred_vr and Filipp-ca, Stay Back Aliens...


...and Never Underestimate The Aliens which was fought out by Jade Operative and Arhra.


Lots of these battles involve some impressive pictures showing off the world of Infinity in action and are usually packed with stories of heroics and villainy as well as all of the luck of the dice aiding your adventures or betraying you! If this gets you excited to get involved then look no further than the information below...

Get Involved & Make Your Mark

As we mentioned above you simply need to Register Here and you will get access to everything you need. Even with the event drawing to a close you can still…

Strikezone: Wotan is a fantastic opportunity to tell a great story in the world of Infinity and influence the unfolding narrative with your games. You can still get involved on all manner of topics including battle report analyses, the prizes to be given out, and much more besides.

We hope you all get involved and it will be fun seeing this evolve over the final weeks of the campaign.

Let us know if you’ll be playing below!

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