Mantic Declare the Summer of Kings of War!

March 29, 2013 by dracs

Not much has happened with Kings of War recently, but it looks set to start making its presence known this June as Mantic have announced what they are calling the Summer of Kings of War!

The sculpts made possible by the kickstarter last year will soon be appearing, meaning fans of fantasy will have some great new minis to look forward to.

KOW - Troll

KOW - Trolls 2

Here is a list of all the Kings of War sets which should be appearing this June:

- Trolls

- Orc Gore Chariot

- Orc Fight Wagon

- Undead Mummies

- Undead Werewolves

- Undead Vampiress Lady Ilona

- Undead Lord Malak

- The Basilean Legacy

- Basilean Men at Arms

- Basilean Paladins

- Basilean Crossbowmen

- Basilean Elohi

- Basilean Sisterhood

- Basilean Sisterhood Lancers

- Basilean Paladin Knights

- Basilean Chariot

- Basilean High Priest

- Kings and Legends

- Ogre Warriors

- Ogre Shooters

- Ogre Grokagamok

Two complete books should also be appearing for Kings of War. The first, "Kings and Legends" will give you the details and background for many of the heroes who live in the world of Mantica, while the second, "The Basilean Legacy", details one of the powerful armies of humanity, led by mighty angels!

It will also provide rules for two new factions as well as new stuff for magic and magic items.



Apparently we can expect to see a whole load of tournaments and events for Kings of War happening in the near future, so it certainly looks like the guys at Mantic will be kept busy in the coming Summer.

Which of these releases are you most excited about?

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