Kromlech Call On The Psychic Powers Of Sister Herja

January 9, 2015 by brennon

Kromlech have called on the powers of the beyond and will be turning to the Convent of Psychic Warfare with the release of Sister Herja. Would you trust her?

Sister Herja (Front)

Sister Herja (Rear)

This mighty matron of mental magic is a 32mm scale miniature but I'm sure she'd manage to fit into a whole range of different Sci-Fi armies and she would even work as a Fantasy figure if you painted some of the more metallic details differently.

I'm not overly sure on the way that she's actually been posed, leaning back, it does seem a bit odd when you look at it for a while, but otherwise I think it's a pretty neat miniature.

What do you think?

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