Official In-Game Changes To Masters For Malifaux 3rd Edition

April 30, 2021 by fcostin

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Malifaux just keeps on giving, providing us players new ways to engage with not just that game system, but across all game titles held through the breach.

Sonnia Criid // Malifaux

As we see a steady set of new Starter Boxes for Malifaux making way, and a new and eighth faction - The Explorer's Society - settled in comfortably, we have lots to look forward to. Wyrd has commented on the changes being made to Malifaux this year and how the game fundamentally plays in the third edition.

Masters hold an integral role in Malifaux. In the second edition of Malifaux, your Master of the crew would provide special upgrades and tools, modifying gameplay that varied on the master in play. However, this concept has evolved - giving each master new individuality when they are out and ready on the tabletop by adding titles to 3e.

When declaring Masters, you’ll continue to state that Master’s name to your opponent, but you won’t say which version of that Master you’ll be playing. Your opponent will have to consider other factors and make their best-educated guess on which Master you might be bringing out for the fight, which will make their crew building that much more interesting.

This new title system is a fantastic change for Malifaux, providing new abilities, actions and playstyles and breathing new life into your beloved characters and crews. And of course, give your opponents a little extra to keep them on their toes! Keeping them guessing by anticipating your crew Masters' next move.

Sonnia Criid // The Other Side

Wyrd has also stated that models in the upcoming Starter Box for their streamlined game, The Other Side, will contain miniatures and cards inside which will be compatible for both game systems within the same universe. So I am personally looking forward to seeing what other crossovers happen in the future.

For more information on how you can now play with Masters in the third edition, you can head to the Wyrd announcement here. There will also be a new book arriving, giving us Malifaux players an in-depth rundown showing exactly how this new system works in play.

How do you feel about this change to Malifaux?

"The 2E concept has evolved - giving each master new individuality when they are out and ready on the tabletop by adding titles to 3e. "

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