Airborne Heroes & A Valiant Medic From Stoessi’s Heroes

May 24, 2018 by brennon

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Stoessi's Heroes return to show us more of the larger than life characters that make fact more interesting than fiction. Their two new sets come with an Airborne flare and another character from the other end of the world, fighting in the Pacific theatre.

We start with this pair, US Airborne T/4 George Luz Sr. & 1st Lt. Harry F. Welsh. These are characters you might recognise from Band Of Brothers, posed as they are after their iconic scene in Carentan. They were valiant fighters and part of Easy Company, giving you new heroes to play alongside Dick Winters and the rest.

You can actually find out more about them by checking out the link above where Stoessi's Heroes go into great detail about their life during the war.

A Valiant Medic

As well as this pair we also have US Combat Medic Desmond Doss & Sgt. Howell as a vignette. Desmond Doss is the main character you might know from Hacksaw Ridge, a deeply religious man who was also a conscientious objector - he would never kill another human being.

You can see him here dragging his commanding officer out of the firing line. He was a determined man who would always find himself in the middle of the action, always there to lend a hand, even to those who had scorned and berated him. A true hero!

Once again you can find out more about him by checking out the link above.

Which of these two vignettes will you be picking up?

Drop your thoughts below!

"He was a determined man who would always find himself in the middle of the action"

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