Warlord’s Engineer Support Hits The Bolt Action Battlefield

April 15, 2019 by brennon

Warlord Games has been adding some new options for German, Hungarian and Soviet forces on the tabletop in Bolt Action. Leading the way is a revamped German Heer Support Group which comes with lots of options for army leadership.

German Heer Support Group - Warlord Games

The set comes with two Officers, a Medic, Radio Operator, Mortar Team, MMG Team and also all of the bases you need too. This means that once you've picked up that massive pack of plastic troops and built all of the troopers you've now got a good option which then completes the starter force.

Honestly, you'd be pretty sorted if you just did the above as all you need to do from that point is maybe look towards a vehicle as some armoured support.

Wrapped Up Hungarians

As well as the Germans there's also this Hungarian Army Honved Division Section.

Hungarian Army Honved Division Section (Winter) - Warlord Games

This team is wrapped up warm for the winter in their big coats. To begin with, these soldiers were not the most battle-hardened of soldiers but after months and even years fighting on the Eastern Front against the Soviets, they were beaten into an effective force.

They didn't even get the same access to weapons as their German counterparts but they made up for it with dogged tactics and lucky shots with their panzerfausts when it came to dealing with Soviet armour.

Soviet Pride

Talking of Soviets, we also have a new Support Group for these soldiers on the Eastern Front.

Soviety Army Support Group - Warlord Games

Much like with the German set this comes with Officers, Commissars, Medics, Radio Operators, MMG Teams, and Mortar Teams. Again, once you've got all of the plastic models sorted you could just snag this set and you'd be able to lead soldiers into the fray.

You can also get this Engineers Squad which offers up an alternative option when it comes to combat when it's up close and personal.

Soviet Assault Engineers Squad - Warlord Games

Armed with submachine guns and clad in body armour these soldiers would be sent into the breach, ready to force the enemy from their places of safety.

As a whole, this is a great haul for someone looking to get stuck into Bolt Action!

What do you think of the new sets? 

"As a whole, this is a great haul for someone looking to get stuck into Bolt Action!"

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