Defeat The Darkness & Save Farrenroc In Myth: Dark Frontier

January 6, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

Darkness is is on the rise and exerting is power upon the city of Farrenroc. Our favorite characters from Megacon Games', Myth universe are together again in the fully cooperative, resource management game, Myth: Dark Frontier.

Myth dark frontier

Myth: Dark Frontier is live on Kickstarter now and is already funded!

Myth baddies

They've done a great job in creating a new and interesting game that heralds to their original adventure game, Myth, in that it allows you the opportunity to use some of your models in this new game, if you choose.

The game comes with your core heroes, Farrenroc and the city base. All the other components are cards, dice and tokens, including your baddies- and this is the part that I think is so cool.

You can substitute your Myth monsters for the tokens included in Dark Frontier to give your game and even more epic feel. And why not use those wonderful minis that you worked so hard to paint up for Myth?

Myth KS hero

The heroes in Myth: Dark Frontier begin the game within Farrenroc, which is being surrounded by dark forces. Your job is to work with your fellow heroes to fortify the city, keep it intact and defeat the darkness.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a resource management game, so the heroes will be planning various actions in a turn to generate different effects to influence activity in the game.

Each hero has a small deck of five actions: Travel, Battle, Encounter, Fortify, and Quest. Three of the five are selected and placed in one of three time slots (morning, day, and night).

Myth cards1

After players alotte their cards to the different time decks, which also includes darkness cards, they're shuffled and game play begins. This is very cool as players know what they've included in the decks, but not the order that they happen, and you're always at the mercy of drawing a Darkness card.

Each hero of course has certain stats/abilities that generate dice pools for them or provide buffs to rolls, and there's also a Fate Dice pool that comes into play in each turn.

The Fate Dice are rolled at the start of the turn and remain active as available extra actions for EVERYONE (yes, even the baddies), as long as the symbol matches the activity on cards as they're drawn.

This is a great twist of fate (see what I did there?) that adds a fun element of chance to the game.

Because it is a resource management game, there is a Darkness track board with 3 lovely stain glass windows that represent different aspects of the Darkness (Dispair, Devestation & Corruption) that players must mitigate to Farrenroc together and fend off the monsters.

Farrenroc is represnted as a fantastic, 10 piece miniature that allows for it to come apart, piece by piece under the oppression of Darkness.

Myth farrenroc

Players can ultimately win Myth: Dark Frontier in 2 ways- by either completing all the objectives or by defeating the Boss.

I'm really looking forward to having a go at this game!

Myth dark frontier logo

The Megacon crew is not that far away from us here in the states. Maybe we can talk them into dropping into the studio for a game or three?

Will you be defending Farrenroc in Dark Frontier?

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