Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off Their 3D Printed Abigail

January 19, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

As Paranoid Miniatures is ramping up their preparations to launch their long awaited world of Mythos, they thought they'd give a look at the 3D printed model of Abigail.

PM abiail art

The Priory...

"But there are still a few of us left, still some who have not been lulled into false safety. We look into the dark places, watching and waiting forever vigilant. To hand we still bear the weapons that once slew the monsters that dwelled there. We use our knowledge to kill those things from the past.

The magic is still strong in our veins, our bloodlines carrying our abilities from generation to generation but with time our numbers are dwindling and we fear for the future of all."

PM abigail render

It's great to follow a piece from it's art to it's mini to see how it translates.

PM abigail mini

Abigail looks like she will be doing some serious damage for the Priory with a few wicked swings of her trusty pick-axe.

Are you looking forward to exploring The Priory and the world of Mythos?

"It's great to follow a piece from it's art to it's mini to see how it translates..."

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