Andrew May Sculpts Up The Fae Folk For 7TV Fantasy

August 14, 2020 by brennon

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Crooked Dice are focusing on designing up more characters and creatures for use in 7TV Fantasy which is just around the corner. One element that they are hoping to build upon is the Fae folk and so they tasked Andrew May with sculpting up a few!

Brownie - Crooked Dice

Brownie // Crooked Dice

The first of these to look at is this pesky little Brownie who popped up on social media recently. Brownies are sprites which are known in Scotland and would arrive during the night in order to do many chores. Without an offering of a bowl of milk or cream however, they can be easily offended and vanish! So, maybe don't anger this particular fellow.

Talking of angry Fae, you've also got this fantastic Red Cap by Andrew May too.

Red Cap - Crooked Dice

Redcap // Crooked Dice

Redcaps are not helpful in any sense of the word. They are murderous little goblin creatures who are normally found in places where treachery and bloodshed have taken place. The name of Redcap is taken from their penchant for dripping their caps into the blood of the fallen...lovely right?

Hopefully, we'll get a lot more Fae creatures over the coming weeks and months. They would also be a good option for those maybe playing the likes of Vaesen too?

What do you think of these new creatures from Andrew May?

"Hopefully, we'll get a lot more Fae creatures over the coming weeks and months..."

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