Bifrost Share More Of Their Upcoming Fantasy Heroines

January 23, 2020 by brennon

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Bifrost Miniatures has been showing off more of the new models which will be coming out later this year. We continue peeking at some of the female characters they've been working on starting with Azeerah here.

Azeerah - Bifrost Miniatures

She is a rather brutal looking Half-Orc who has seen better days! Still, it seems like she has managed to get her hands on some loot after a scuffle. I love the idea that perhaps her War Pig actually helps her snuffle out the secrets that people have tried to hide away.

We also have Fayeth here who seems like she is a little bit more on the side of good. She does make for a rather dashing Paladin and I think she'd also work as a Fighter if you prefer too.

Fayeth - Bifrost Miniatures

Finally from the last set of three previews by Bifrost this week we have Lunette who is a Human Cleric. I do like the idea of perhaps joining Lunette and Fayeth together. Perhaps they both entered the same temple but took different paths. Still, they are inexorably linked somehow, either by fate or something more personal.

Lunette - Bifrost Miniatures

The detail on the sculpts we're seeing here is awesome and hopefully, that translates over into the final casts that we get. A selection of new sculpts will be shown off in the coming weeks in the run-up to a release at Salute in April. But, before then you'll be able to see some painted examples at shows in York (Vapnartak 2nd Feb) and Newark (Hammerhead 14th Mar).

There will be some male characters as well as the female range that we've seen above so there should be something for everyone who loves a good dungeon delve!

Are you tempted by this line-up?

"...there should be something for everyone who loves a good dungeon delve!"

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