Black Site Studios Hunt Demons With New Hametsu Releases

September 25, 2023 by brennon

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Black Site Studios has recently released a bunch of new Hametsu miniatures following on from their successful crowdfunding campaign to launch the game. If you've ever wanted to dive into an awesome demon-hunting samurai miniatures game, this ticks all of those boxes!

School Of Strength - Hametsu

School Of Strength // Hametsu

Hametsu sees you and your friends taking on the role of Hunters, samurai that have been tasked with battling deadly Oni that have forced their way into our world through portals caused by The Cataclysm. As a solo and/or cooperative game, you choose from these different martial arts schools and make characters that have been tasked with battling Oni and then besting the boss that gets revealed!

School Of Stealth - Hametsu

School Of Stealth // Hametsu

So far, there are miniatures covering the schools of Strength, Stealth, Magic and Corruption. You can either scoop up the miniatures individually or you can get them in the sets that you see here. All of the miniatures are made in resin and slot in around that 32mm scale.

School Of Magic - Hametsu

School Of Magic // Hametsu

As you play through games of Hametsu, you level up your chosen Hunters and find yourself going up against deadlier and deadlier foes. There is also a full narrative campaign for you to dive into called The Wolf And The Devil or you can simply play through a series of randomly generated scenarios.

School Of Corruption - Hametsu

School Of Corruption // Hametsu

I really like the look of the miniatures from Black Site, taking that vibe of Feudal Japan but then giving it a proper Fantasy twist. It would be awesome to see them painted in the style of the artwork for Hametsu with big splashes of red, black and white.

Demonic Foes

Black Site Studios haven't just made miniatures for the Hunters. You can also pick up miniatures representing the demonic Oni foes that your characters will end up fighting against.

Oni Champions - Hametsu

Oni Champions // Hametsu

What's neat about games of Hametsu is that you'll find yourself coming up against all manner of these foes during the initial stages of the game. You'll be encouraged to get stuck into scenarios using a mix of stealth and strength in order to take down the Oni before you come up against the boss.

Lesser Oni - Hametsu

Lesser Oni // Hametsu

Again, the sculpting for these is great and I can't wait to see some more of the painted images from this collection. It would be ace to see some traditionally bright red Oni battling against your Hunters.

Oni Soldiers - Hametsu

Oni Soldiers // Hametsu

As well as the regular Oni, you are also going to be able to battle against a variety of Boss creatures. These are the end game of your scenarios and should prove to be your ultimate challenge. There are six of them to choose from but we've just shown two of them here.

Komainu Boss - Hametsu

Komainu Boss // Hametsu

Ogumo Boss - Hametsu

Ogumo Boss // Hametsu

The range for Hametsu looks great and it seems like another fun game from Black Site. Another of the good things about Hametsu is that it plays out in a relatively small play space as well so you can make some properly awesome-looking tabletops without having to break the bank.

Could you be tempted to dive into Hametsu after seeing this range of miniatures?

"Hametsu sees you and your friends taking on the role of Hunters, samurai that have been tasked with battling deadly Oni..."

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