Great Escape Games Meet Pillars Of The Wild West Community

April 15, 2020 by brennon

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Great Escape Games has been showing off some newer additions to their Dead Man's Hand collection. This time we're not hanging around with ruffians and vagabonds but Pillars Of The Community across two different sets.

Pillars Of The Community #1 - Great Escape Games

These miniatures were sculpted by Darren Edwards and the first set shows off A.W. Merrick, Hugh Jarry and Jon Garret. Merrick is the founder, owner, main reporter and chief photographic of the Dead Man's Chronicle. He is bumbling, honest and has no enemies but that has never stopped anyone getting shot up in the Wild West.

Jarry takes on the role of a dentist whilst Garret is a new arrival who is seeking to set up a business and step out from his father's shadow. There is already a wealth of fluff to work with their and this set seems ripe for those looking to play out some narrative scenarios in Dead Man's Hand.

The second set features Stuart L. E. Wheatley, William E Farnum and Caleb Harper who are also "upstanding" gentlemen.

Pillars Of The Community #2 - Great Escape Games

Wheatley is the ruthless and cunning owner of the Sassy Gal and has his own agenda. Farnum is the mayor of Dead Man's Hand and is most likely in the pocket of Wheatley! Finally, you've got Harper who runs a dry goods business in the town and even travelled alongside the infamous Calamity Jane!

There is a lot more fluff and background for these characters to check out over on the Great Escape Games store but this should get you started when thinking about how you're going to drop them into your games.

Are you someone who has played a bit of Dead Man's Hand?

"Are you someone who has played a bit of Dead Man's Hand?"

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