Heroic DuckQuest Kickstarter Enters Final Day Of Fundraising

September 20, 2019 by brennon

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The folks at Star Hat Miniatures are closing in on the final few hours for their DuckQuest Kickstarter! You don't have long to get your hands on a bunch of duck-tastic adventurers to use in your tabletop games.

Quack Keep Collection - Star Hat Miniatures

We've talked about the campaign before earlier in the week but as you can see they have expanded it to explore all sorts of additional duck-based characters so whatever class you want to play in your games of Dungeons & Dragons, you'll find an option here. As well as that you can now get the original DuckQuest heroes too...

Original Duck Quest - Star Hat Miniatures

I do really like that classic original party and Sir Drake and Ganduck are my favourites for sure! You could imagine them hunting for bread (better than treasure right?) and fighting deadly foes down in a dungeon.

Additional Goodies

On top of the collection of DuckQuest-specific releases we also have some other legends of the feather including Sarge here who might be a bit too modern for your classic dungeon delve...

Sarge Legend - Star Hat Miniatures

...and Mandrake here who might either make for a deadly foe that you've found deep within the bowels of a mountain or a wise mentor who leads you on your way.

Mandrake - Star Hat Miniatures

You might have noted that this model comes free with those who want to pick up the Heroes Of Quackmoor and that is tied nicely into their roleplaying game and adventure which you can also snap up. You can find more information on that in the post we did earlier in the week HERE.

Giant Cave Droll - Star Hat Miniatures

Finally, I wanted to point towards some miniatures which are not related to these duck-delving adventures. For example, you can also get the Lost Delvers...

Lost Delvers - Star Hat Miniatures

...and this special miniature which was sculpted in memory of a good friend, Rick Loomis. It is tied in for all backers from the Valiant pledge upwards. If you have pledged for even just one miniature in the campaign, you get Buffalorick free!

Buffalorick - Star Hat Miniatures

There is much more to get stuck into with this project with all sorts of quirky releases for those who might want dungeon delving with a difference.

Are you going to be checking out this Kickstarter during its final hours?

"Are you going to be checking out this Kickstarter during its final hours?"

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