Twisted Kanephors & Karyatids Join Conquest’s Old Dominion

December 8, 2022 by brennon

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Para Bellum Wargames have offered up some more reinforcements for the followers of the Old Dominion in Conquest. Deadly constructs and spirits have come to life and now serve at the whim of dark masters in this 35mm Fantasy wargame.

Kanephors - Para Bellum Wargames

Kanephors // Para Bellum Wargames

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We start with the Kanephors which, just from the outset, look bloody brilliant. I love the look of these strange spirits that have inhabited statues of the ancient empire and are now using them to sow destruction on the battlefield. The Kanephors would bear the gifts that their lord would give to the new initiates and now in unlife, they offer a final gift, death.

Kanephors Miniatures - Para Bellum Wargames

Kanephors Miniatures // Para Bellum Wargames

These are bloody brilliant and I think they give off major Dark Souls vibes in their design which is no bad thing. You could just imagine these silent statues suddenly creaking and coming to life, bringing down massive stone blocks on your head in an effort to crush you.

In a similar vein, we also have the Old Dominion's Karyatids.

Karyatids - Para Bellum Wargames

Karyatids // Para Bellum Wargames

The Karyatids once ringed the temples to Hazlia and were often guardians in many ways to those within. Now they have left their temples and seek down those that would dare to threaten their god's domain as uncaring and dauntless hunters. These horrors often have a mind of their own but can be bound to the will of a powerful champion and used to crush and spear anyone in their way.

Karyatids Miniatures - Para Bellum Wargames

Karyatids Miniatures // Para Bellum Wargames

I love how inventive the folks at Para Bellum Wargames are with their new miniatures. They have often brought to the table their own twist on classic Fantasy archetypes like Orcs, Dwarves and the like but within that, we've always had some really fascinating sculpts that really nail the aesthetic of Conquest and showcase why it's such an interesting world to explore.

Could you be tempted to pick up these new undead terrors for your games of Conquest?

"I love how inventive the folks at Para Bellum Wargames are with their new miniatures..."

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