Lucid Eye Cast Spells With Dungeon Delving Wizards

September 12, 2019 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has released a new Dungeon Adventurer Wizard in two different flavours. You can either snap him up in metal as part of the Blades & Souls collection...

Blades & Souls Wizard - Lucid Eye

...or in their new plastic material for about half the price as included in their Ghost range. Both versions of him look nice and detailed and perfect for launching your first dungeon-delving party.

Ghost Wizard - Lucid Eye

It seems like Lucid Eye are developing themselves a really nice British nook here with all sorts of roleplaying miniatures in both materials for those who like their classic models and those who want to try and bring a collection together quickly.

Steve Saleh, their sculptor, does absolutely wonderful work and it would be great to see him work on lots more Adventuring miniatures so we maybe start using Lucid Eye as that 'place to go' for your heroes in D&D and the like. I would love to see Dragonborn, Tieflings and the like as well as your traditional Humans, Dwarves and Elves!

What do you make of their new Wizard?

"What do you make of their new Wizard?"

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