Modiphius Bring Homeworld Revelations RPG To The Tabletop

October 18, 2019 by brennon

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Modiphius is working on a new computer game project as they take Homeworld and bring it to the tabletop with Homeworld Revelations, a game of exploration and discovery in the depths of space.

Homeworld Relevations - Modiphius

Here's more about the well-loved game which has quite the cult following...

"The original videogame followed the Kushan, an exiled people, who see their planet Kharak destroyed by the Taiidan Empire in response to them developing banned hyperspace technology. The survivors travel with their fleet, led by the Mothership, and fight a war against the Taiidan on an Exodus to reach their true home world, Hiigara. Their journey is one of hardship and discovery as they make allies, scramble for resources and destroy their enemies along the way."

This then leads into Homeworld Revelations which...

"...will give fans of the original Homeworld game the exciting opportunity to view the universe through a new perspective, taking on the role of the crew aboard one of the Kushan fleet’s ships. Whether it’s joining the Mothership on its odyssey, or helping re-establish the Hiigaran homeworld, there will be endless adventures."

Learn the secrets of the Guidestone and see where things take you as you look to explore the relationships between you and your crewmates, the strange alien planets that await you and the darker elements that exist within the universe.

I am a big fan of Sci-Fi roleplaying where there is a sense of exploration and endeavour involved so this could work really well. It uses the 2d20 system which will be familiar to many so make sure you keep an eye on this.

Do you remember the classic Homeworld?

"Do you remember the classic Homeworld?"

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