Monstrous Demons Coming From OnePageRules In March!

February 25, 2021 by brennon

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As well as the new Dwarves that we saw yesterday from OnePageRules, we're also getting a selection of monstrous Demons in March via their Patreon. If you're looking for an alternative lord from the nether realm then these might be for those diving into Sci-Fi and Fantasy wargaming.

Change Demon - OnePageRules

Change Demon // OnePageRules

Each of the miniatures stands pretty darn tall against regular 28/32mm figures as you can see and would work as a nice centrepiece. You could use these for both Age Of Fantasy and Grimdark Future as I think demons pretty much transcend the idea of genre!

Of the four different demons that are available at the moment, I think that the creatures for Change (above) and Lust (below) are the best. They are just so weird!

Lust Demon - OnePageRules

Lust Demon // OnePageRules

The Lust Demon in particular is just an interesting mix of limbs and shifting armour. I could see this looking fantastic when painted up in blues and purples with shimmering armour crafted in silver and gold.

You might have noticed that each of the demons we've seen so far has been crafted to match the different styles of god in games like Warhammer. So, if you're looking for something quirky to throw into those games these would also work nicely.

Plague Demon - OnePageRules

Plague Demon // OnePageRules

Going down the DOOM route, we also have the War Demon who I think would be a rather excellent addition to a game that steps towards that aesthetic. Imagine this fellow with ruddy red/orange skin and covered in battered, rusted armour.

War Demon - OnePageRules

War Demon // OnePageRules

These new demons are going to be released as part of the Patreon package for March. So, if you're looking to pick up a new army of Dwarves and maybe some Demons then make sure to get signed up. You also get loads of extras for signing up as well!

Which is your favourite Demon?

"Lust Demon // OnePageRules The Lust Demon in particular is just an interesting mix of limbs and shifting armour..."

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