October Cometh! New Range Of Evil Undead Skeleton Waterslide Decals

September 15, 2023 by avernos

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Carthage Must Be Destroyed, not just a statement from the Roman Senate but also a lovely guy in Canada who has a small etsy store and currently Dustin is adding to that with a new range of waterslide decals that are perfect for the Undead player in your life and so much more.

Evil Undead Skeleton Waterslide Decals for Wargaming

Just in time to take advantage of the change in the weather a whole (undead) host of designs are coming for undead players everywhere. There are four sheets designed, two for the base campaign and two are further stretch goals which have already been unlocked. Each sheet contains 18 rows and each row has a different image. One row has 10 of an image which gives you a total of 180 waterslide decals per sheet. Every single image in each row is flipped so you will have five left-facing images and five right-facing images per each row.

Sheet One - Skulls

The first set is a simple set of cleanly designed skulls, the reversed set of five is more visible on some than on others but for anyone who needs a range of skulls with no ifs, ors, or buts then these will do the job.

Sheet Two - Skulls With Stuff

The aptly titled Skulls with Stuff is probably my favourite set, there are some lovely designs in here, a couple of crowned skulls that I'm sure Thomas Foss will be loving and the raven perching upon a skull is very Poe-esque.

Sheet 3 - Evil Heraldry

Moving away from the skulls the stretch goal sheets have a very Blood Dragon feel with a blend of heraldric looking designs, the skellybob that loves his axe is adorable by the way, but the stand out for me is the vampire lady with sword and shield.

Sheet 4 - Necromantic Paraphernalia

The final set is more of a catch all generically spooky set, featuring bloody grails, scrolls, castles and other sigils that may find themselves adoring a shield, cape or robe in an undead players army.

There are some terrific designs once again by Dustin who has produced a substantial amount of decals from exactingly researched historical devices through to full-on fantasy. The bat wings will be spot on for Lloyd as I know he loves those things, but overall if you're playing anything from massed battles to small scale skirmishes the range of transfers is excellent and having backed all of his previous kickstarters I can tell you that the quality is excellent as well. There's even a squirrel on one sheet 🙂

What project would you use these transfers on?

" the range of transfers is excellent and having backed all of his previous kickstarters I can tell you that the quality is excellent as well..."

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