Onyx Path Release The Art Of Mage

October 20, 2017 by dracs

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Onyx Path Publishing is celebrating the array of iconic art that has appeared for Mage: The Ascension over the years with the release of The Art of Mage.

The Art of Mage

Since its first appearance in the early 90s, Mage has always featured plenty of colourful and eye-catching art to help convey the game's focus on reality warping magic.

Lawrence Snelly

This new collection features the work of Echo Chernik, Lawrence Snelly, Leif Jones and many of the other artists who have contributed to the World of Darkness.

Dan Brerton Mage

As a collector, artbooks like this are always cool as they provide insight into some of the design process behind the game. As a GM, they are a useful window into the world.

What is your favourite piece of Mage art?

"A useful window into the world [of Mage]..."

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