It’s Getting Dead Prehistoric at Otherworld Miniatures

September 27, 2012 by brennon

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Otherworld Miniatures have a whole new set of miniatures for you to get your hands on. Check out their new pieces below and then work out a way to add them to your gaming collection!

First we have a Lich, now wielding a wand...

Lich with Wand

Then a Vampire especially for Halloween...

Classic Vampire

Some angry Cavemen also enter the fray...

Caveman Warband

And this mighty Hill Giant is looking for some English blood!

Hill Giant

Some fun miniatures, most of which would be rather good for adding into a role-playing game. You could even say that those Cavemen could be used as Ogres and the Hill Giant is their master. There you go, a new adventure hook has been created!

The Vampire is certainly the most impressive from this bunch, regardless of not being painted. I love the flow of the cape and that classic look from the Hammer Horror days.

Will you be picking any of these up?

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