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Path of Conquest 2020 : The 100 Kingdoms - The host of the Iron Wolf

Path of Conquest 2020 : The 100 Kingdoms - The host of the Iron Wolf

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Planning for Milestone 2

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Skill 4
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For the next milestone I decided to do things in a different way. Since I worked on the lore for my 100 kingdoms army, I’ve had a lot of ideas coming out of nowhere.
I also had a problem to take into consideration : cost. Conquest miniatures are great, but not cheap, and this month, my wallet is almost empty.

I still have in mind to buy a second starter set along with the Steel Legion, but I will wait for this..

Thus, I decided, for this second milestone to do things differently and add some very special units to my army. I limited myself (considering cost and available time) to 800 points for this second Milestone (300 points more than what I already had).

I already have 12 Men at Arms remaining from the starter set I bought. I built a standard bearer using spare parts for both units (the new unit and the previous one).

I used two of the men at arms, and spare parts from the household knights and my bitz box (for the standards, and I had to work on one). Here is what it looked like before assembly.

Planning for Milestone 2

Here is what it looks like after 20 minutes of work.

Planning for Milestone 2

I decided to add a noble lord (infantry), and a unit of militia. The noble on foot is there to provide some strength to one of the Men at Arms unit. I didn’t chose an Imperial Officer since the Iron Wolf is not really fond of the empire…

And for the militia, there are not many men in this Kingdom, and most of them dig for Iron. But what about a pack of wolves hunting those stupid trespass on the Iron Wolf’s land ?

I ended up with my 800 point army list : you can find it here.

And the trick is that I have a resin 3d printer…

I already had decided that the militia was going to be a pack of wolves led by a hunter (no standard bearer for the wolves, despite its usefulness, because it doesn’t fit the spirit of this unit, and I really wanted a hunter as a leader). I looked for suitable wolves models and found these : 3 wolves for 3$…

I also found a suitable hunter to lead the wolves : The perfect hunter to lead a pack of wolves
I had to remove his gun, but otherwise he looks just as wild as I wanted.

For the noble lord, I found this one : “Noble” lord…
His tough look and the fur on his cape fit perfectly with the lore of the army. He does not seem very noble, but he looks badass.

I bought the models (in fact, just the three wolves for 3$), scaled the miniatures (they were too small), and launched the print.
I also designed bases to print on my FDM 3d printer while the resin printer was printing the miniatures.

Thus, I’ll have two new units. Here is what the men at arms look like with the noble lord leading them.

Planning for Milestone 2

But I must say that I really like the “Militia”…

Planning for Milestone 2

In next update, I’m going to focus on the speed painting techniques I use to create a step by step tutorial for painting the wolves.

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Your figure look great @nyckeau the red fabric makes them well stand out.

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