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Path of Biomancy

Path of Biomancy

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Looking forward beyond the models I’m working on, I’m looking at what I have built and how I want this to progress as a larger force. This is definitely the force I’m looking at having fully painted in the next few months…


The Spires – 1975/1250
Spire path

Pheromancer [120]: Long Lineage, Degenerative Aura, Avatar Projection, Induced Vigor
– Brute Drones (3) [180]
– Force-Grown Drones (4) [130]: Catabolic Node

Biomancer [175]: Tier 3, Tier 2, Tier 1, Fleshcarver, Cloned Redundancy, Essence Transfer
– Force-Grown Drones (8) [230]: Pheromonic Node
– Abomination (1) [145]

Mimetic Assassin [155]: Tier 2, Tier 1, Overkill, Heightened Reflexes
– Force-Grown Drones (5) [180]: Catabolic Node, Pheromonic Node

High Clone Executor [180]: Tier 1, Tier 3, Tier 2, Marksmanship, Fury, Fire and Advance, Biotic Hive
– Vanguard Clones (4) [255]: Assault Preceptor, Standard Bearer
– Marksman Clones (4) [225]: Standard Bearer

Characters: 4
Light Regiments: 3
Medium Regiments: 3
Heavy Regiments: 1


It’s quite killy and very healy. The ability to suck wounds from the worthless drones and pass them onto clones is priceless. Even more so when the biomancer can immediately heal his own unit with a second draw event, having done so 🤙


After that, I’m going to work on another project until Prowlers and Incarnate Sentinals get released to flesh out the warbands I already have 🙂

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